College for Creative Studies

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Short Description : This past year, through the organization of Career Services, the College for Creative Studies welcomed 227 companies on campus for individual company visits, sponsored research projects and recruiting and professional practices events

Description: CCS provides you the opportunity to study at a world-class institution that not only gives you the knowledge to become a great artist or designer, but also the experience to prove it through your work. You’ll learn from professionals who know the ins and outs of their industries. You will benefit from small class sizes that offer more individual attention than you’ll find on other campuses. Research projects are highly conceptual and allow students the opportunity to participate in creative, research-based assignments within real-world design parameters. Our corporate partners commit design and technical staff to students by providing guidance, expertise and feedback. Organizations financially sponsor conceptual design projects for CCS students and encourage inventive and unique design concepts



Type: School, NGO or Association or ObNL





Country: USA

Cities: Detroit