GAGNE Jean-françois

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Organization ELEMENT AI
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Jean-François Gagné is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Element AI, a Montreal-based artificial intelligence (AI) research laboratory that develops solutions to meet the AI needs of companies.

More than ever, the future of mobility is based on technology. AI will intervene in several spheres of this great revolution: the advent of the autonomous car, the installation of multimodal systems, the development of smart roads and cities and the realization of Mobility as a service (MaaS).

With his experience as Founder and President and CEO of Planora – a company that combines AI, machine learning, operational research and UX to optimize business processes – Jean-François has made his mark in manufacturing, health care, security and retail. He was the youngest C-level executive of a top 20 software company in the world as a CPO and CIO at JDA Software.

He has managed a portfolio of more than 100 products and supervised 1400 developers in more than 20 countries around the world. He has been appointed Technology Investment Spokesperson for Global Affairs Canada