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Deborah Mielewski, PhD Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan in Ann Arbor has been with Ford Motor Company for 31 years, performing Research in automotive paint durability, polymer processing and materials development. Dr Mielewski believes that sustainable materials will dominate the market. Her passionate work has led to major improvements in greenhouse gas emissions and petroleum dependence. Breakthrough accomplishments include: soy-based foam on the 2008 Mustang, soy seat cushions, backs and headrests in every US-built vehicle, wheat straw filled poly(propylene) on the 2010 Ford Flex storage bins, cellulose reinforced poly(propylene) in the armrests of the Lincoln MKX. Now pioneering the field of sustainable plastics, Dr Mielewski has over 60 referred journal publications and 10 U. S. patents and her work has been acknowledged with numerous prestigious awards and media interviews.